Tritone Substitution

Pieces on this website that contain examples of the tritone substitution are listed below.

Tritone Substitution: The substitution of a major-minor 7th chord whose root is a tritone away from the dominant for the dominant 7th chord.

Pieces that are not in the Public Domain are marked as NON-PD and may not have a score.

Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicJones, Isham and Symes, MartyAmerican“There Is No Greater Love” (1936) – NON-PDTritone sub, secondary dominants, ii-V-I progression, Aug 6
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicGarner, Erroll and Burke, JohnnyAmerican, Male, black (Garner)“Misty” (1954) – NON-PDMixture, Tritone sub, 32-bar song form
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicJobim, Antonio Carlos and Moreas, ViniciusBrazil“The Girl from Ipanema” (1963) – NON-PDTritone sub, neapolitan
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicSampson, EdgarAmerican, Male“Stompin’ at the Savoy” (1936) – NON-PDpassing diminished 7th, Tritone sub
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicRodgers and HartAmerican“My Funny Valentine” (1937) – NON-PDmodulation from minor-rel major, Tritone sub
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicParker, CharlieAmerican, Black“Confirmation” (1946) – NON-PDTritone sub, circle of 5ths progression, 32-bar song form
RomanticBeach, AmyFemaleRomance for Violin and Piano, Op. 23, Mvt. ITernary form, Tritone sub
20th CenturyRaum, ElizabethFemale, CanadianSweet Dances for Unaccompanied Tuba, Mvt, 1: Blew TangoTernary form, Tritone sub
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicBacharach, Burt and David, HalAmerican, male“Alfie” (1966) – NON-PDTritone sub, cto7, ii-V-I progression
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicBrown, Clifford and Roach, MaxAmerican, male, black“Daahoud” (1962) – NON-PDTritone sub, descending bass
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicEllington, DukeAmerican, male, black“Satin Doll” (1953) – NON-PDTritone sub, ii-V-I progression
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicEllington, Duke, and Bigard, Albany, and Mills, IrvingAlbanyAmerican, male, black“Mood Indigo” (1930) – NON-PDTritone sub, altered dominants
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicGillespie, John “Dizzy” and Paparelli, FrankBlack“A Night in Tunisia” (1944) – NON-PDTritone sub
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicHancock, HerbieAmerican, Black“Dolphin Dance” (1965) – NON-PDTritone sub
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicHarrell, TomAmerican“Little Dancer” (1996) – NON-PDCircle of 5ths progression, Tritone sub
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicWells, Robert and Torme, MelAmerican“The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)” (1944) – NON-PDii-V-I progressions, Tritone sub