The Music Theory Materials website was created to provide materials – musical examples, Powerpoint presentations, videos, handouts, and exercises – for use in music theory and aural skills classes.

For the musical examples, the specific goal is to provide examples of full pieces of music that can be used in the study of music theory. The musical examples are presented as downloadable PDFs and audio files or as links to other sites that contain this information.


Composition Indexes


Links to tables of pieces that are available on this website by topic.

Most pieces will have links to both sheet music and audio of the selection.

Pieces marked NON-PD (Non-Public domain) may not have a link to a copy of the score.

Compositions – by Period

Online, open access lessons on music theory topics that include both classical and jazz theory.


Handouts and Videos

Foundations of Music Theory: An Interactive ebook, 2nd ed.

Barbara Murphy and  Brendan McConville
Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt Publishing Company, 2020.


An online book covering the basics of music theory including terminology, notation, rhythm,
scales and key signatures,
intervals, triads and seventh chords, and analysis of music
using jazz/pop symbols, Nashville Numbers, and roman numerals.


Explanations and Exercises