If you or your student wish to contribute recordings to this site, please do the following:

1. Complete the Recording Information Form and University of Tennessee School of Music Talent Release Form. (Word | PDF )

The Recording Information Form includes a list of the compositions you are submitting along with the composer, composers dates, and the edition of the sheet music from you are playing.

The UT Talent Release Form indicates your permission to let us use their recording.  Each person performing on the recording will need to complete this form.

2. Attach the following information for each piece you are submitting:

* the title page of the book the piece comes from
* the copyright page from the book it comes from
* the first page of the piece you are playing


Send the completed form and information to Dr. Barbara Murphy (bmurphy@utk.edu).

In return, you will be given recognition for the recording on the site and a link to your website (if indicated) will be included with your recording so others can find more of your performances!