Longer Melodies with Chromaticism


The following melodies are longer melodies that include chromatic notes.



For each exercise:

  1. Click the name of the exercise (e.g., Melody 1).
  2. Copy the information on the blank staff to a sheet of manuscript paper. You are given a blank staff with the clef, key signature, and number of measures provided.
  3. Listen to the example (as many times as you need).
  4. Notate the melody on the manuscript paper.
  5. Click “Check your answer” to see the correct version.
  6. Once done, click the name of the melody again to collapse it.

    Good luck!


    Melody 1


    Melody 2


    Melody 3


    Melody 4


    Melody 5


    Melody 6


    Melody 7


    Melody 8


    Melody 9


    Melody 10



    Longer melodies with chromaticism – pictures


    Longer melodies with chromaticism – audio