12-tone technique

The compositions indexed on this page can be analyzed with 12-tone techniques.
Pieces not in Public Domain are notes as NON-PD and may not include a score.

20th centuryClark, R. AldenAmericanFour Cycles (NON-PD)12-tone
20th centuryDallapccola, LuigiItalianQuaderno musicale di Annalibera (1952-53) – NON-PD12-tone
20th centuryStravinsky, IgorRussianDirge-Canons from In Memoriam Dylan Thomas (1954) – NON-PD12-tone
20th centuryWebern, AntonAustrian, MaleDrei Lieder, Op 25, No. 1: Wie Bin Ich Froh (1935) – NON-PD12-tone
20th centuryWebern, AntonAustrian, MaleString Quartet, Op. 28, Mvt. 2 (1936-38) – NON-PD12-tone