ii-V-I Progression

The following pieces that are on this website contain examples of ii-V-I progressions.

Pieces that are not in the Public Domain are marked as NON-PD and may not have a score.

Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicBacharach, Burt and David, HalAmerican, male“Alfie” (1966) – NON-PDTritone sub, cto7, ii-V-I progression
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicBerlin, IrvingAmerican, Male“Easter Parade” (1933) – NON-PDcto7, secondary dominants, ii-V-I progression
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicKern, Joseph and Oscar Hammerstein IIAmerican“All the Things You Are” from the musical Very Warm for May (1939) – NON-PDCircle of 5ths progression, altered dominant, ii-V-I progression, descending passing diminished 7th
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicKern, JeromeAmerican“Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” from the musical Roberta (1933) – NON-PD32-bar song form, Altered dominants, ii-V-I progression
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicNoble, RayBritish, jazz“Cherokee (Indian Love Song)” (1938) – NON-PDAltered dominants (V+), Major-Minor movement of the same chord, sequence of ii-V-I progressions.
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicJones, Isham and Symes, MartyAmerican“There Is No Greater Love” (1936) – NON-PDTritone sub, secondary dominants, ii-V-I progression, Aug 6
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicWells, Robert and Torme, MelAmerican“The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)” (1944) – NON-PDii-V-I progressions, Tritone sub
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicWarren, Harry and Gordon, MackAmerican, male“There Will Never Be Another You” (1942) – NON-PDii-V-I, mixture, passing diminished 7th, 3rd relationship
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicPorter, ColeAmerican, Male“Could It Be You” (1942) – NON-PDmixture, ii-V-I progression, secondary dominants
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicLoesser, FrankAmerican Broadway songwriter“I’ve Never Been in Love Before” from Guys and Dolls (1950) – NON-PDMixture, Expanded ii-V-I progressions
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicLerner, Alan Jay and Lowe, FrederickAmerican“Almost Like Being in Love” (1947) – NON-PDpassing diminished 7th (descending), ii-V-I progression, “screendoor” progression – deceptive resolution in ii-V-I progression
BaroqueBach, J.S.German, MaleWell Tempered Clavier, Book 1, Prelude 1 in C major, BWV 846ii-V-I progression, secondary dominants
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicRodgers, Richard and Hammerstein II, OscarAmerican, Male“The Surrey with the Fringe on Top” (1943) – NON-PD32-bar song form, vi-ii-V-I progression
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicMancini, Henry and Mercer, JohnnyAmerican, Male“Days of Wine and Roses” (1962) – NON-PDvi-ii-V-I progression, stanzas
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicMingus, CharlesAmerican, Black“Self Portrait in Three Colors” (1957) – NON-PDCircle of 5ths progression, II-V-I