Miscellaneous harmonies

The following pieces contain examples of some other harmonies or harmonic techniques that are not listed on other pages, including:

Extended tertian chhords (9, 11, 13 chords)
Augmented triads
Chromatic mediants
Major-minor chord movement
Quartal/Quintal harmonies
Screendoor progression (IV-bVII-I)

Pieces that are not in the Public Domain are marked as NON-PD and may not have a score.

Period/PageComposerComposer CategoryCompositionAnalytic Topics
RomanticFranck, CesarFrenchSonata in A Major for Violin and piano, Mvt. 1: Allegretto ben moderatoAug 6, extended tertian chords
ImpressionismFaure, GabrielFrench“Apres un Reve,” No. 1 of Op. 7 Three SongsModified strophic, extended tertian
ImpressionismColeridge-Taylor, SamuelBlackForest Scenes, Op. 66, No. 1: “The Lone Forest Maiden”Extended tertian, Aug 6, Ternary
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicColtrane, JohnBlack“Giant Steps” (1959) – NON-PDAugmented triads, Coltrane changes
RomanticWolf, HugoAustrian, Male“Das Verlassene Magdlein” from Morike LiederTernary, augmented triads, Aug 6, chromatic mediants
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicWilliams, JohnAmerican“Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme)” from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackChromatic Mediants
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicBrown, Clifford and Roach, MaxAmerican, male, black“Daahoud” (1962) – NON-PDTritone sub, descending bass
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicNoble, RayBritish, jazz“Cherokee (Indian Love Song)” (1938) – NON-PDAltered dominants (V+), Major-Minor movement of the same chord, sequence of ii-V-I progressions.
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicLerner, Alan Jay and Lowe, FrederickAmerican“Almost Like Being in Love” (1947) – NON-PDpassing diminished 7th (descending), ii-V-I progression, “screendoor” progression – deceptive resolution in ii-V-I progression
20th centuryAuerbach, LeraFemale, Soviet born, AmericanLonely Suite: Ballet for a Lonely Violinist (2002-NON-PD)Ternary form, binary form, timbre related, quartal harmony
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicLennon, John and McCartney, PaulUnited Kingdom (England), Male“Hey Jude” (1968) – NON-PDSecondary Dominants. Turnaround