Third Relationships

The following pieces on this website contain third relationships (between chords or between keys).

Pieces that are not in the Public Domain are marked NON-PD and may not have a score.

ClassicalBeethoven, Ludwig VanmalePiano Sonata No. 21 in C Major (Waldstein), Op. 53, I: Allegro con brioSonata form, circle of 5ths progression, third relationship (key), Aug 6, Neapolitan,cto7
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicHancock, HerbieAfircan-American, Black“Tell Me a Bedtime Story” (1969) – NON-PDJazz, octatonic, ternary form, pentatonic, third relationships
RomanticWolf, HugoAustrian, Male“Das Verlassene Magdlein” from Morike LiederTernary, augmented triads, Aug 6, chromatic mediants
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicWilliams, JohnAmerican“Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme)” from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackChromatic Mediants
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicWarren, Harry and Gordon, MackAmerican, male“There Will Never Be Another You” (1942) – NON-PDii-V-I, mixture, passing diminished 7th, 3rd relationship
ClassicalBeethoven, Ludwig VanmalePiano Sonata No. 32, Op. 111, I: MaestosoSonata Form, third relationship (key), Aug 6
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicBrubeck, DaveAmerican“Unsquare Dance” (1961) – NON-PDasymmetrical meters (7/4), blues structure, use of 10ths
Jazz, Pop, and Film MusicHaggart, Bob and Burke, JohnnyAmerican“What’s New?” (1939) – NON-PD32-bar song form, third relationships, turnaround